Why choose Manor?

The Manor Montessori School was founded fifty years ago in a small house which resembled a miniature English Manor; hence the name “Manor Montessori.”

Our school was the first Montessori school to be founded in the state of Maryland. We are also one of the few Montessori schools to have constructed a facility which was specifically designed for children learning in a Montessori environment.

Our staff’s dedication to the philosophy of Dr. Maria Montessori, along with strict adherence to her principles and practices, has been the reason for our success over a fifty year period. Our enrollment and our facilities have both seen steady growth throughout the years. Our staff members regularly attend local and national Montessori workshops. In monthly meetings we discuss topics such as Montessori philosophy, different learning styles, positive language and discipline, as well as other important issues such as emergency preparedness. The Manor Montessori School is committed to supporting the professional growth of all staff members in order to benefit our students.

Our school motto, “Learn to love to do well and you shall,” exemplifies the attitude of our children, parents, and teachers. Given this ideal learning environment, children will develop a lifelong love of learning and will strive to reach their fullest potential.

Ms. Marie Fonseca Olson is the founder of the school and a consultant for the Montessori program. She graduated from the University of Illinois, received her primary training at the Washington Montessori Institute, and her elementary training at the International Center of Advanced Montessori Studies in Bergamo, Italy. For eleven years, prior to founding the school, Mrs. Olson taught in the Montgomery County Public Schools, specializing in programs for gifted children.

Mrs. Katherine Damico is the Director of the school. She holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Elementary Education and received her primary training at the Washington Montessori Institute. Mrs. Damico taught at the primary level for ten years at The Manor Montessori School and served as co-director for four years. She has served as Director for the past twenty one years. As a child, Katherine attended elementary Montessori classes at Manor and in Bergamo, Italy.