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Namrata Iyer

Elementary Lead Guide

Ms. Namrata Iyer has travelled the world as part of a diplomatic family and brings expertise and experience from diverse places such as India and China. She is truly passionate about making a difference- and towards this end, has been actively involved in the field of education and social work for over a decade. A trained geologist with a graduate degree in General Geology, she also possesses teaching experience from College- having previously taught Petroleum and Civil Engineering students in India. She is a certified primary and elementary Montessori guide and has recently been certified as a language therapist and is keen on continuing in the field where she can help kids and adults with learning differences. She has numerous achievements to her credit in the field of arts- being a trained Indian Classical Dancer, Belly Dancer and Painter. She has a flair for languages and fluently speaks four languages, including Chinese. Ms. Iyer considers Montessori methods especially beneficial because they allow teachers to reach students at their own level and foster independence and confidence in every student. As a teacher, her priority is to ensure that her students feel calm, comfortable, and confident in her presence. In her free time, she enjoys exercising, reading, and painting.