About Manor Montessori School

What is Montessori?

The Manor Montessori School follows the Montessori philosophy. This means that each child is free to act independently, to work at his own pace and rhythm, and to repeat any constructive activity for as long as he wishes. The teacher is constantly observing the child’s needs and individual characteristics, so that she may provide the proper environment for the child’s own personal growth and development. This enables the child to excel in all areas of life. Therefore, Montessori is not just a means of education, but rather an aid to life.

At the turn of the century, Dr. Maria Montessori, an Italian physician and educator, introduced us to a very successful miniature life community for children, better known as “the prepared environment.” Within the prepared environment, children are working and playing with manipulative materials which are designed to put abstract ideas into concrete form.

In the prepared environment, everything that surrounds a child will attract him with brightness and color. The whole environment is created in proportion to the small child. Within this framework of order, the child develops at his own pace during these crucial years of development. The teacher directs the activity, offering the child stimulation.

The Montessori method of teaching instills in the child self-confidence, love of learning, and independence. The child is motivated through the work itself and learns how to complete a given task. They are encouraged to choose their own work and make their own decisions. In this environment, children also learn self-discipline and respect for all things: themselves, others, and the environment around them.

Discovering the joys of learning and developing the social and intellectual discipline for self-fulfillment lays the foundation for a happy and productive life.