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Snow & Emergency Policy

Inclement Weather and School Cancellation or Delayed Opening

When inclement weather strikes overnight or early morning and road conditions are hazardous, Manor will announce a delay or cancellation of school in these ways:

  • Email from SchoolCues to the entire Manor community through the email you provided in your SchoolCues account.
  • SchoolCues Text notification on the cell phone number/s you provide in your SchoolCues Account
  • On the Manor Website

Every effort will be made to post these announcements no later than 5:30 a.m.

Early Dismissal

If weather conditions (or other emergencies like power outages) lead to a decision to dismiss Manor students during the school day, the school will:

  • Communicate the message through email and text message
  • Post the early dismissal notice on our website

Parents are responsible for picking up their children as quickly as possible after an unexpected early dismissal. In the event a parent cannot reach the school to pick up his/her child, the parent needs to call the school to make alternative arrangements for the student to get home. Parents should plan ahead for an emergency “back up” person(s) for when our schedules are altered.

Emergency Communications

In the event of an area-wide crisis or campus emergency, parents will be alerted by email of the steps being taken to keep the Manor community of teachers and students safe and secure. Depending on the situation, a scenario could occur where parents may not be able to pick up their children right away and access into the school may be limited until conditions are judged by authorities to be safe. In such situations, Manor follows protocols stated in the school’s Emergency Planning Guidelines.

Snow Makeup Days

Manor builds in three extra snow days into each year’s school calendar. If actual inclement weather cancellations exceed those allotted days, Manor will add snow makeup days to the school calendar